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Grace, 18


Jason, 18

"ELEVATE has been amazing! All the sessions were great but if I had to pick a key highlight it would definitely be the session on how to develop a growth mindset. From a personal experience I was very reserved and very negative towards myself. I didn't really realise my full potential or my worth. I used to doubt myself a lot. I joined the programme when I was 16, I lacked a lot of confidence as most teenagers do which I expressed a lot throughout the programme.  Doing my A-Levels from home because of COVID made me lose myself a lot to the point where I felt like I was never going to get good A-Levels or go to University and I was thought I was failing. The ELEVATE Programme completely changed my life. I found myself again. I now have a growth mindset and I wouldn't be the person I am today without it. This is the reason why I joined the youth board."

"ELEVATE has been core to my personal, social and academic development. I've never had such an opportunity like this to connect and network with so many working professionals to get insights in the world of work. One of my highlight's was visiting Wembley Stadium which I had never done before and during the time there being tasked to create a business pitch for a new innovative product or service to tackle a social or environmental issue. I really enjoyed this session as it got me outside of my comfort zone, presenting to an audience which I would never usually do. It was amazing to get so much support and also hear from guest speakers singer Celina Sharma and Sabrina Stocker from the Apprentice."

Quotes from our mentees...

"ELEVATE has been such a brilliant opportunity for me to develop my employability skills"

Michael, 17

"ELEVATE has motivated me to do well in my studies and to pursue my goal of becoming an entrepreneur"

Ayesha, 22

"Through the programme I got an internship which has taught me so much about the world of work"

Dae-Jean, 18

"Outstanding programme that has supported me access positive role models & get on the right path to success"

Chris, 20

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