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ELEVATE Founder awarded with UK PM 'Points of Light Award.

Trevor Gomes (Founder & CEO) has been received a National Award for his work in leading ELEVATE during the pandemic.

In a personal letter to Trevor, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Thanks to your leadership and tireless work founding the programme ‘ELEVATE’, young people from less advantaged backgrounds can develop new skills that will help them to achieve their aspirations. The growth and impact the programme has had since its inception, supporting over 10,000 students, is fantastic!

“I was particularly inspired to learn of how you started ‘ELEVATE’ in your own former college, inspiring young people with your academic journey.”

Trevor said:

“It is a real honour to be recognised by the Prime Minister. I’ve put a lot of energy and commitment into supporting the lives of young people because it is something I am really passionate about and enjoy doing. Young people now more than ever need good role models and support getting into the world of work, I am delighted the ‘ELEVATE’ programme has been able to do this and contribute to changing the lives of so many young people for the better. We truly rise by lifting others, so it is amazing to receive this award.”

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